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Free radio forums  Shortwave Radios for sale:
     A*C*E logs Marine General Covergae Radios for SWLs
     Chris smollinski's free radio logs forum
     Pirate About com free radio forum    
Short-wave pirate information  Stations that use the 663 mail drop
     Radio strore plus Great
     Al kind radio start page     Classic Rock Radio
      The F*R*R :free radio recourse     The Dutch Relay Service ( D*R*S) 
     SRS news: log's/info's/Qsl's/links/audio/ext     Bandonica <old page New Page> Bandonica
     Wizards world of free radio     East Coast Holland
     Cumbre dx: Great short-wave recourse     Voice of the Netherlands
     Piraten-radio de startpagina voor ether-piraten     Chaos radio, A strange radio station
     Radio DX start page      Union.   
     Free Radio Information Germany     Astoria
`   Propagation Service Center
     Pirate Radio at The Mining Company
     Hobby broadcasting ( Andrew Yoder )
     Slapshots : links, to much to write down Short & medium wave loggings word wide 
     Alex Drapers pirate info page New     Chris smollinski's free radio logs online
     Hans Joachim his free radio page ( metropolis page )      Loggings of pirates group
     http://www.brandi.org/       A*C*E logs
     TDP page: info/links/transmitters/valves      Peter Knol pirate logs Netherlands
     DX*Homepage: by Klaus dieter scholz      European Short wave logs 
     Martin Reiter his free and pirate page      Free radio talks
           Free radio weekly major logs resource out of the usa
     Ether piraten. Com,, Huuuugge      Alfa Lima's collection of short/medium wave logs
     The free radio net work      The pirates UK
     Illigal Pirates Pirate radio in the UK      Metropolis short-wave logs collection Ha-Jo HUGE!!
     The grape fines useful and great      S R S news the major resource in Europe
      Home page of zacharias liangas from greece        http://www.brandi.org/logs/ 
     Pirate info Holland (www.etherpirateninfo.nl)      DX listening digest      
     Globe radio DX club      World-DX
     World-DX      Logs receive & sharing group
     The DX zone.pirate radio related      Homepage of the P-R-W
      Rock radio info and more      Takeno's webpage Huge pile of logging in japan
      BigMike's Pirate Radio Page      Gako's log collection Japan
      Radio 4All Time signals 
      Howard's Radio4Free UK Pirate Web Site      Time Signals Information Site
            Jan Balzers Zeitzeichensender QSLs
      John Anderson - About.com 
      Broadcast Software Online controled receivers
          Virginia, USA Shortwave 1-30Mhz
      The Inherently Brilliant Pirate Radio Page     Germany, Visual Radio HF,VHF,UHF 1-2000Mhz
     The Free Radio Weekly     California USA VHF,UHF 
     Julian his page in france logs,qsl,audio     Perth, Australia HF,VHF,UHF 
     Mat Wilsons short wave listeners net work     Lancester Calafornia usa 0.1/1300 mhz
     Hard-core-dx     California JavaRadio HF,VHF,UHF 
Other shortwave resources      South-Sweden JavaRadio HF,VHF,UHF 
    Cool Radio Resources      Illinois, USA 100khz to 1300Mhz  
    Clandestine Radio Intelligence Web      Romania 100khz to 1300Mhz 
    Graveyard DX Achievements      New York, Shortwave 1-30Mhz
    Ground Connectivity Map of USA      Washington D.C. VHF/UHF 28-2000Mhz 
    Chris mackenrell      Stuttgart, Germany VHF 2m FM-Repeater 145Mhz
    Latitude & Longitude - Look Up      Arizona VHF/UHF Scanners in  ARIZONA
    Local Times Around The World      Ultimate Web Shortwave Receiver sweden
    On the shortwaves.com      Back again Umea sweden 30Mhz - 1.3Ghz  VHF/SHF
    Location Database      Back again Umea sweden VLF 11khz - 30Mhz
    Loads of audiofiles of USA pirates at the frn network      N2JEU's Web Controlled Radio
    Clandestine radio watch      R390A Receiver Home on the WWW USA
    Latitude & Longitude - Look Up     
    newspaper cuttings riad
    The DX zone, load of radio related links      Markt plaats. NL
   John Baxter a Listener from the uk and his page      Ricardo.NL
    Glen Houser's DXLD      2dehands.nl
    Globe radio DX club      tweedehands.pagina
    GRDXC links      U Biedt
    AZ_PROJ Map Server      Veil
    Amateur Radio      Vraag&aanbod/supply&demand
    WM7D's Callsign Database      De Digitale Markt
    wm7d net      Veiling Online
    CB Radio & Scanning Resources      SnuffelSite Licht & Geluid
    the 19AC074 CB station      Tweedehands Net
    http://www.bclnews.it/  Audio editors and other softwareTOP
    George Zeller's page      The second floor audio tools 
    TRS Consultants SWL       Sonicfoundry.com 
    Globe dx page info swl winter fest     Audio taps
    C.C.radio. c crane     Goda buzz
    Hallicrafters Collectors     vdsoftmx.tripod.com/apps.htm 
    Dxdirectory.com     http://www.programz.ws/ 
    Anarac     Moufa site
    Radio DX start page       http://www.djtozz.ws/  
    Don MoMan his page (Canada)     software and cracks mega's place
   Jem his page (Australia)     http://leecher.vze.com/ 
Other stuff Software cracks
     Spontaan     http://www.cracks.am/ 
     Radio 95  Dutch FM pirate     http://d1d.net/1/pc/crack/ 
     Double Z Internet piraten ( internetpiraten.com )      http://www.sharekey.net/ 
     Koekoeroe radio 97.5 FM     Crack search
     Radio en meer     http://www.clean-start.com/ 
     Boekanier link pagina     http://www.down4free.com/ 
     Pirate ( FM & other ) start page ( dutch)     http://www.staticfree.net/ 
     Radio.Ohdie.nl van alles      http://www.d1d.net/1/pc/crack/ 
     Blue Bird start up page     http://home.wanadoo.nl/doxoon/aps.htm 
     http://www.guiadelaradio.com/     http://leecher.vze.com/ 
     Rijnstadt FM     http://www.angelfire.com/games4/rdownload/apps.html 
     Start page/pagina for radio internet,FM,AM     http://www.angelfire.com/games4/rdownload 
Web/ email & mail dropings of pirates     http://home.wanadoo.nl/doxoon/aps.htm 
     Martin's great work web and email Schematics of transmitters and other stuff
    Addresses of pirate stations      The Pirate Radio Kit Page Huge
     Klaus Dieter his snail mail adresses      Power max schematics
     Radiodirectory.com      Radio Mod
     KWFW Dropbox      A.L's threat: schematics of transmitters and more
     Metropolis mediumwave adresses of stations        Startpage ham radio
     Metropolis shortwave adresses of stations          Home Brew page
Propagations      Homemade HF - antennas for mobile operation 
    Introductions to Propagation and Propagation Terms      How-to Guides, tutorials and tips
    Beacons      Modifications to Equipment
    Auroral Propagation      The Receiver Corner
    Meteor Scatter      Quad Antenna JavaScript Calculator
    VLF Propagation      Receiver Sensitivity measurements
    HF Propagation      VHF-UHF ANTENNAS
    VHF Propagation      Frans hardware anf elektronicks
    Long-Delayed Echoes      Buy and sell crystals for your transmitter
     Pirate Max pirate service Tip
   Prediction software      Peter his loop antenna page. Compleet!!
   DX Central      Radio Diablo's Schematics
     Peter his page of a 2 watss SW transmitter 
    Radio Users Propagation Page      Peter his page of a 2 watss SW transmitter 
    Propagation Alerts      Transmitter/radio Electronics group TIP
     Rob 007 
    Weekly Propagation Forecast      http://www.keirle.fsnet.co.uk/ 
    Shortwave Fadeout Coverage Predictions Buy and Sell rx/ tx/ trx
    Solar Resource Page   Buy or sell amateur equipment & accessories
    Propagation forecasts     http://www.rainer-foertig.de/index.html
    http://www.elopta.nl/  rent, sale and buy
    Ham / free radio operator stuff
      Transmittersrus.com Transmitters for sale
    CB/Ham radio modifications
       Ham radio modifications,all models
         Amateur and CB Radio mods,alignments,schematics,
Other 0/ 30 Mhz stuff     
    CB Radio & Scanning Resources
     27 mhz cb radio info page Pirate radio chat
    Spead Spectrum Scene Online's  Ham Radio Section      Pirate Chat room
    Shortwave Listener's FAQ      Pirate/free radio Chat
    Startpage ham radio     The SW-Pirates chat, become a member
Our favorite links!!! 
     The grape fines useful and great      Off-shore 
     SRS news: log's/info's/Qsl's/links/audio/ext      The anorak ofshore page
     received reception reports 1998 1999 2000 2001      WORLD WIDE WILLIS - PIRATE RADIO OF THE 60'S
     The free radio net work      Offshore Radio
     Propagation Service Center      Radio Caroline
     Slapshots DX news      Radio Caroline dutch page
     Alfa Lima's collection of pirate/offshore audio      The Offshore Radio Pages
     Top 40 mp3 download      Pirate Radio of the offshore kind
     mp3 hitlist ( euro/dutch/uk/us top 40      Veronica - The Story
     Phlegm's Pirate Radio Extravaganza      The Offshore Radio Guide
     Mediumwave Alliance      The Sounds of Offshore Radio
    Alfa Lima's search engine submitter      http://www.offshore-radio.de/ 
     Startpage ham radio       Pirate Radio of the Offshore Kind!
     AZ_PROJ Map Server Pirate radio magazines
     Radio strore plus Great      Pirate Radio Info. Offshore Echo's 
     Pirate About.com       Pirate Connection
      Postal Address Systems Of The World
      PRW. shortwave megazine
      radio mag Australia
      Popular Communications
SW Qsl's and QSL info's Pirate radio related news servers 
     Zacharias Liangas - My e-home      rec.radio.shortwave
     Cumbre Dx QSL Gallery      alt.radio.pirate
      Steve Mahlberg QSL Pictures      rec.radio.amateur.dx
     Jill Dybka's Shortwave Qsl's      rec.antiques.radio+phono
     Martin Schoch's QSL Links Page      alt.radio.pirate
     QSL Collection      rec.radio
     QSLing. Why -      alt.radio.international
     Obtaining a verification from a station      alt.radio.free
     DX'ing.Com - Reporting and QSLs      alt.radio
     Andreas Griessing QSL Pictures      alt.pirat.radio
     Bill Harms QSL Pictures      alt.radio.shortwave
     Jennifer Griffin QSL Cards
     Klaus Dieter his collection DX clubs/groups 
     Chris Mackerell       SHORTWAVE BULLETIN
    The freeradio network Qsl collection     Globe radio DX club
Military & rtty freq's and info's      MEDITERRANEAN DX GROUP
     Spy numbers      FM & TV DX WEB PAGE
     mike's number page      BRITISH DX CLUB
     Simon Mason      CLUBE DXISTA DO PARA
     National Security Agency (NSA)      DX ANTWERP - Belgium
     Military Data Resource Homepage      EDXP - Australia
     Rockwell-Collins Radio Web Page      M W CIRCLE
     Space Environment center (NOAA) homwpage      N.A.S.W.A. - USA
     Airline and Aviation Images      NEW ZEALAND RADIO DX LEAGUE
     The Military Commo Equipment List       ONTARIO DX ASSOCIATION - CANADA
     the FBI Home Page      RKUTSK DX CLUB - RUSSIA
     Military Radio Info      CLUB OF DXERS - Russia
    Hugh Stegman's Utility World      CZECHOSLOVAK DX CLUB - CZECH REPUBLIC
    World Wide Utility News,     The Short-wave pirates info and posting group
    Monitoring Times     Globe radio DX club
    DIGI and RTTY Decoder info      Anarac
       Glen Houser's DXLD
Audio of shortwave 
Web-cam parts and links & web promotion       Sounds of Shortwave
    software-html/ftp      Pirate & offshore audio files
    Camcity      Audio of Glen houser
    http://javascript.internet.com/ TIP     
    jafa/html for the webpage      Alex his audio and qsl's of pirates
    our webcam What is the time in?? 
    http://www.website-hits.co.uk/ TIP
    conquercam  Free webcam software     USNO Master Clock Time
fFree soft ware and web page parts      Local Times Around The World
    Standard Time and Frequency Transmissions
    Alrac free software    
    tipies.nu promotion and building Webspace & Domain Names
    Sms service and parts Brinkster no banner 30 mb
    zvl web promotion CrossWinds
    trade doubler Domain DeLuxe
    Adexis web promotion ( 65/90 % more traffic ) DreamWater
    http://mywebmaster.urls.nl/  EasySpace
     http://wsabstract.com/ tip Free CFM Hosting
    http://javascript.internet.com/  MyCgiServer
    tarra share make mony http://www.dutchwebhosting.nl/
    Dave magic. com http://anterion.com/
    Webpage promotion links and other tools
     mp3hitlist.net tip
     New!! Al's top 40
     Top 40 mp3 download tip
     mp3 hitlist ( euro/dutch/uk/us top 40
    dance trents top 40 pasword:  http://www.dancetrendstop30.com/
     euro tip 10 tip
    startpage trance/dance mp3
    Orbita dutch top 50
    Wanadoo top 40 list
    Mp3 start page  
Other links of intrest
   Start page/pagina for radio internet,FM,AM